First Gen Gateway

What is the Gateway? 

The First Generation Student Gateway serves as a starting point to get connected to resources for first-generation students. Housed in the Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives (OAMI), the Gateway is linked to several partner offices and is a home for support for first-generation students. The Gateway is for all first-generation undergraduate and graduate students and their allies. The Gateway is open during regular business hours (8AM-5PM). You can use the space for:

•Finding resources for first-generation students
•Connecting to partner offices who support first-generation students
•Meet with First Generation Project Manager Adan Hussain
•Study space
•Meeting space

Where is the Gateway?

The Gateway is located in the Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives on the 3rd floor of the Student Activities Building at 515 E. Jefferson St.

Meet the Project Manager

Adan Hussain is the First Generation Project Manager whose office is embedded inside the Student Gateway!  In his role, Adan aims to continue to actively research and coordinate efforts to promote first generation student success at the University of Michigan. Adan’s focus and interests are in diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education. He received his MA in Higher Education at The Ohio State University.

Adan’s Projects:
•Central First Gen Programs
•FGS Commission
•FGS Undergraduate Advisory Board
•FGS Graduate Advisory Board
•FGS UM Website
•Advisor to FGCS @ U-M

You can seek Adan by:
•Finding him at the Gateway
•Emailing him at

Who is a first generation student?

The formal definition of a first-generation college student is a student whose parents did not complete a four-year college degree.