First Gen Gateway

What is the Gateway? 

The First Generation Student Gateway serves as a starting point to get connected to resources for first-generation students. Housed in the Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives (OAMI), the Gateway is linked to several partner offices and is a home for support for first-generation students. The Gateway is for all first-generation undergraduate and graduate students and their allies. The Gateway is open during regular business hours (8AM-5PM). You can use the space for:

•Finding resources for first-generation students
•Connecting to partner offices who support first-generation students
•Meet with First Generation Project Manager Adan Hussain
•Study space
•Meeting space

Where is the Gateway?

The Gateway is located in the Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives on the 3rd floor of the Student Activities Building at 515 E. Jefferson St.

Who is a first generation student?

First-generation university students are those students whose parent(s) have not attained a Bachelor’s degree. These students, who have little or no family collegiate history, may enter a college or university with limited knowledge about the jargon, traditions, and patterns of expected behavior. These factors may prevent first-generation students from fully engaging in a university setting and may contribute to early departure from the university before the completion of a degree. No matter how intelligent and capable, first-generation students may benefit from additional support as they adjust to a new environment. It can be helpful to learn more about what other first-generation students have experienced as well as what can be done to help maximize your performance and experience as you work towards attaining your degree.

Source: Brown University: “First Generation College Students”

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First Generation College Students at Michigan

In the fall of 2007, a small team of undergraduates created a student organization called First-Generation College Students@Michigan. A major goal was to offer students advice on a variety of resources/campus opportunities and provide outreach to current and future First-Generation students. At that time it was one of the first student-led organizations of its type in the nation. One decade later, FGCS@Michigan is not only sponsored by the Department of Sociology and the Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives, it supports bi-annual campus-wide dinners, a full-fledged graduation ceremony, and programming events throughout the year. This website only sheds a glimpse on the work and sucess of first-generation students on campus.

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